AKTuarial Consulting Ltd - Pricing Analytics, Predictive Modelling and Actuarial Systems Development

AKTuarial Consulting Ltd is a UK-based consultancy created in June 2009.

We build risk pricing models, market pricing models, credit risk models, marketing analytics, MI reporting as well as setting up optimisation systems. Our expertise ranges from data analysis, predictive modelling, rate settings, premium review and UAT testing. We can also build mortality, morbidity and persistency models as well as assisting in longevity risk research for Life Offices. We have got several years experience on a number of specialist software. This includes SAS, Towers Watson's EMBLEM, RADAR, Optimiser, R and SPSS.

Our services can be provided in English and French. We currently provide our services in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.