AKTuarial Consulting Ltd - Pricing Analytics, Predictive Modelling and Actuarial Systems Development

Tony Agbeko is currently the Director of AKTuarial Consulting Ltd. He initially worked as a Senior Statistician and Software Developer before moving into the actuarial world. Following his Baccalaureat in Mathematics and Physics, he embarked on an engineering undergraduate course that led to a polytechnic degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He subsequently spent a short spell in the aviation industry before joining The Actuarial Profession in the United Kingdom. Tony holds postgraduate qualifications in Actuarial Science and has developed interests in actuarial research. He's got many years experience in insurance, pricing analytics, predictive modelling and maths software development.

Viviane Degbe is a Statistical Analyst who has successfully completed various projects with organisations such as Age UK. She obtained a postgraduate degree in Commercial and Financial Management. She was later awarded the Certificate in Financial Mathematics and subsequently joined the UK Actuarial Profession.